Grand depart

  • One grand depart 2nd July 2022 at Andermatt.
  • Registration closes May 31th 2022.

ITT – individual time trial

  • Start from 8th July till September 2022, whenever you like when the route is ridable.
  • Start wherever you want.
  • Your start point will be your finish point.
  • Registration: 1st May until 14th September 2022, min. 2 weeks before your start

In general

  • To showup on the ranking, you register for the tracking system.
  • Only tracking over our satellite system counts. No Strava files.
  • On the ranking list, the whole route has to be ridden on your bike and start and finish time counts.
  • To make it easy meeting other riders, register for the tracking system.
  • The rules of self supporting count.